On 8 June 2017 people from across the UK have the chance to vote to elect a Member of Parliament (MP) to represent their constituency.




The Green Party candidates for constituencies in the London Borough of Bexley are:

Find your constituency if you're unsure.




Our Green Guarantee is an 11-page document containing a set of commitments that Green MPs will deliver to create a confident and caring Britain.

Detailed policy information, and full costings on how we will fund them, can be found in the 2015 Green Party manifesto. A small number of updates will be made to this soon.



Political parties aren't all the same

The Green Party do not accept large donations from unethical sources and do not receive large donations from wealthy individuals or corporations; see the Electoral Commission’s records of donations above £1,500 over 2016.

The Green Party is in a unique position to be able to set brave, bold and ambitious policies be accountable to ordinary people.


A Green vote is not a wasted vote

Although many people would like to vote Green, some think this will be a wasted vote. It’s easy to understand why, given our outdated and unrepresentative constituency-based voting system. In 2015’s General Election, the Conservative Party received only 10 times as many votes as the Green Party, yet over 300 times as many MPs were elected to Parliament. Alarmingly, the Conservative Party received only 37% of the votes nationally, yet has more than half of the seats in Parliament, giving them free reign with little room for debate. Clearly, we need to adopt proportional representation, so that everyone’s vote is represented in Parliament. The London Assembly, Welsh Assembly and European Parliament elections already incorporate proportional representation.

Until then, as UKIP has clearly demonstrated over recent years, even in our broken system a party does not need to win an election or even more than one seat in order to have huge influence over government policies. Simply taking away more and more votes from our leading political parties has resulted in a huge shift in their policies in an aim to attract voters back.

More votes on 8 June would give the Green Party a stronger platform on which to get our leading parties to embrace our brave, bold and ambitious policies for a positive, aspirational future. 




You must be registered to vote in order to vote on 8 June. The deadline for registering is 22 May.

Information about this, who can vote and how to vote can be seen on the Your Vote Matters website.

Those aged 17 can register, but will only be able to vote if they turn 18 on or before 8 June.





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