#FairFares policy to slash Bexley residents’ travel costs

10 January 2016

Two Green Party volunteers standing in front of Sidcup train station with Fair Fares postcards.

On the cold, dark morning of Monday 4 January, Bexley Green Party volunteers handed out #FairFares postcards to commuters facing fare hikes, describing the Green Party’s radical plans to flatten fares across the capital and make transport fairer for all Londoners – especially those living outer boroughs such as Bexley.

The party’s three key policy measures, announced by Green mayoral candidate Sian Berry are: the introduction of a flat fare structure, making zones a thing of the past; a daily cap for part-time workers that matches the rates paid by monthly season ticket holders; a one-hour ticket across all modes which will close the gaps for people who pay twice when changing from bus or train to the tube as well as ensuring that people changing buses pay only once for their journey.

Roisin Robertson, Green candidate for Bexley and Bromley in May’s London Assembly elections, commented:

“These measures will potentially make a huge difference to Bexley residents.  At the moment people commuting from outer boroughs, such as Bexley, pay more to get to work because we have a longer distance to travel.  Flattening the zones and eventually abolishing them will make a huge difference to people’s monthly budget.  In addition, the one-hour bus ticket has been on the cards for a long time, but our one-hour ticket across all modes of transport will mean that people who have to take a bus and the tube, or a train and the tube, are no longer paying more to get to work than those who use the tube alone.”

Full details of the Greens’ transport policy are available at www.sianberry.london/fairfares



The Green Party came third in the last election for Mayor of London in 2012. We currently have two members of the London Assembly, Darren Johnson and (Baroness) Jenny Jones, both of whom are standing down in May 2016 after serving since the London Assembly began in 2000.

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