Unite for Europe: local Greens reject government's extreme Brexit

25 March 2017

Hundreds of members holding Green Party banners at the Unite for Europe march.

Words by Derek Moran 

On Saturday 25 March, along with tens of thousands of concerned people, I joined with other Greens in the Unite for Europe march. 

This was an unashamed anti-Brexit March, on the day that the EU celebrated its 60th Birthday. The tone of the march was calm but determined, with the majority of banners carried showing that the 48% whose voice will not be heard, love, care for and want to be a part of Europe. 

In its 60 year history the EU has brought peace and prosperity to Europe. It has brought Human rights, workers rights and environmental protections to a new level and in just two years this could all be undone for the UK.

But its greatest achievment is in how it has brought so may people together. A war in Europe now would seem ridiculous, with so many friends, family and loved ones in so many different countries.

Only 37% of people voted for Brexit and even before article 50 was triggered we have had a massive devaluation in our currency and inflation is starting to rise. As the promises of the leave campaign unravel, we should demand a second referendum on the actual brexit deal. We should know what we are actually voting for and have a chance to reject it and remain proud of who we are but part of a prosperous and peaceful Europe.

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